Southtown Council Annual Awards 2015, Back to the Future with Marti Lee, Video

After 30+ years of community building with Southtown, Waldo and Brookside, Marti Lee is set to leave Southtown Council. This video is a look back at all of our accomplishments over the years with Marti at the helm.

August Networking Events

Please join us for our August Events!

Neighborhood Sewer construction to Begin in Area

A sewer improvement project will begin construction soon in portions of the Southtown area as part of the Overflow Control Program, the largest infrastructure investment in the City’s history.

St. Peters Sparkles

St. Peter’s Catholic Parish and School, located at 815 E. Meyer Boulevard, is home to 80 employees, more than 500 students and 890 families.

Seminary Sparkles in North America

Nestled atop a hill, at 1700 E Meyer Blvd, Nazarene Theological Seminary is the sole graduate school of theology for the Church of Nazarene in North America.

New Logo for Troost Avenue District

Promotion and marketing of the Troost Avenue Community Improvement District (CID) can begin now that the new logo has been released.